Sustainable Innovation for future Growth Masterclass

The desire to be innovative is voiced by almost every executive I meet.  They genuinely want to create products and services that meet their customers’ future needs and provide growth opportunities for their organization. Unfortunately organizations often fail to understand that creating an innovative organization is more than just generating ideas.  They launch programs to teach creative thinking, and generate and screen ideas, but then attempt to manage innovative projects they way they manage more routine developments.
It rarely works. 
NPD ‘best practices’ often kill proposals that lack the certainty of incremental improvement. Overemphasis on the voice of the customer can keep you from seeing future needs that your customer’s fail to recognize. Reward systems that define success as completing projects discourage involvement in innovative efforts that may fail. Defining risk as the existence of unknowns will lead to the false conclusion that innovative efforts are risky, and risk is something they are not comfortable with.
Innovation is more than generating ideas.  To make innovation happen requires rethinking all aspects of how organizations approach NPD and adapting processes optimized for short term enhancements to make them innovation friendly.  The changes are often subtle – it does not take major new programs to shift from incremental to innovative thinking. But changes are necessary.

Join the masterclass to learn how you can adapt your NPD processes so that you can responsibly invest in the future. I will introduce proven tools and planning frameworks to approach new product development that reflect best practices of innovative firms, and will enhance your ability to make innovation happen in your organization.
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