Competitive Intelligence for Innovation Masterclass

Development teams have to tease out genuine insights if they are to grow new value ahead of major movements in their market. An excellent innovation and development process helps, but it’s increasingly important to gain the ability to scan the business landscape and act upon indicators of change before they occur. Amongst a growing mass of ‘noise’, (mis)information and rapid change (in economic, technology or customer focused needs) a robust framework for intelligence gathering and translation helps win the battle between innovation success and innovation failure. 

The purpose of this Competitive Intelligence for Innovation Masterclass is to enable participants to approach innovation with greater confidence so that they can launch and support projects that have a higher probability of success. Over the two days, Dr. Jay Paap will deliver a set of tools for focusing, collecting, analysing, and applying market and competitor based intelligence, helping you to design, screen and review development efforts that go beyond the routine or day-to-day. 

Drawing on over four decades of experience in designing and supporting competitive intelligence programmes for technical and product development groups, Jay has developed a simple four-part process called Competitive Intelligence for Innovation which uncovers and anticipates forces that drive innovation and impact the success of growth initiatives.

By attending the masterclass, you will:

-Receive a step-by-step process for developing actionable intelligence from raw data
-Learn key strategies for protecting your sensitive information from the intelligence seeking efforts of others

-Learn how to build internal support for new business cases or innovative projects
-Learn how to pool intelligence insights within your business and make CI a formal part of your planning and development
-Learn how to anticipate technologies that might disrupt your business or change the nature of competition
-Go beyond technical intelligence by learning how to integrate all relevant competitive information needed to support development projects
-Learn techniques to extract insights from everyday interactions and electronic and printed media
-Effectively and efficiently use CI to develop insights to make better decisions and minimize risks while pursing innovation
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